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They are a confident & sexy couple that both enjoy having the lady show off in front of other men. A Vixen’s husband is referred to as a Stag. Couples who practise stag and vixen fantasies are not, however, automatically polyamorous or open. Stags and vixens often only have sex this way in pre-arranged situations, having negotiated their A bad-tempered woman is described as a "vixen," or female fox; a lazy person as a "drone," or the bee which does no work. The definition of a vixen is a hot-tempered woman, or a female fox. A feisty, quarrelsome woman is an example of a vixen.

Vixens meaning

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2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002. vixen definition: 1. a female fox 2. an unpleasant woman 3.

1979. Ben-Hur.

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A female fox.. A malicious, quarrelsome or temperamental woman.. A racy or salacious woman.. vixen synonyms: female fox, bitch, This in turn derives from Proto-Indo-European * puḱ-, meaning ’thick-haired; tail’.

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Let's let the Vixens decide  ” Does that mean they think there’s a shot Rodriguez talent wins, not a system Provotid körkort

Define Vixens. Vixens synonyms, Vixens pronunciation, Vixens translation, English dictionary definition of Vixens. n.

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2 : a shrewish, ill-tempered woman When Arabella called her a treacherous vixen and a heartless, profligate hussy, she spoke out freely, and said that she wasn't going to be abused. — Anthony Trollope. a female fox. an ill-tempered or quarrelsome woman.