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Front Range Neurofeedback has both Personal and Professional NeurOptimal® systems available to rent throughout the United States. Pricing for NeurOptimal® rentals start at $600 per month. Neurofeedback Training Co. is the largest rental provider of NeurOptimal neurofeedback home equipment and has been renting out to families and individuals in US and Canada since 2011. We have experienced neurofeedback trainers in New York, Los Angeles, California and Denver, Colorado.

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When you have had and enjoyed sessions at the office and wish to continue at your own pace and include family members, the Personal Trainer is an incredible value. provide corporate NeurOptimal ® brain training specialising in stress management, resilience training and performance enhancement provide help and support with a wide range of therapeutic, learning and cognitive issues as well as stress management and performance enhancement using a range of integrative tools including neurofeedback. NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Rentals are available from http://Neurofeedbackrentals.com Whether you are considerding a purchase or rental, give us a call so we In-office neurofeedback training costs can be a deterrent for some, but our FDA-approved rental system enables you to bring home a professional-grade NeurOptimal ® Neurofeedback system to experience trusted and proven training at a savings of 30% or more depending on the package you choose. Now you can bring the power of NeurOptimal brain training home. Use it on your schedule, as much as you need for 1 month. If you live within a 25 mile radius of Peak Training Center's office, we will deliver the NeurOptimal to your doorstep, sanitized and ready for use - free of charge. NeurOptimal® NeuroFeedback Home Rentals .

Safe money and time and get great BRAIN TRAINING in your own home.

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$2,000 total, all inclusive, multiple individuals. Also, you can use your NeurOptimal neurofeedback home rental system with anyone else in the home and/or friends who want to experience the benefits of neurofeedback, for FREE! Monthly Rental of one NeurOptimal Brain Training Unit and everything you’ll need – $899.

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If you are considering purchasing a system, I am happy to support you before and after your purchase. NeurOptimal® sales, whether to professionals or consumers, is done through sale representatives. The price of purchasing will not vary because NeurOptimal only sells their devices directly and have no wholesaling and no variations on pricing. Now to look at the cost of in-office, rentals and NeurOptimal sales in more depth. Looking for a Neurofeedback in Oregon?
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HOME RENTAL SYSTEM- Included in the home system package are: 1 NeurOptimal® Computer/Tablet, 1 Powercord (2 parts), 1 USB Cord , 1 NeurOptimal® zAmp, 1 set of Sensors (one back up set) 3 tubes of Ten20 conductive paste, earbud extender cable, earbuds. We hope you’ll enjoy your neurofeedback training … Renter Resources … Our team of Certified NeurOptimal® trainers are located in NYC, Pasadena, Boulder and Denver in Colorado, and Portland, Oregon. Find out more about our team. In 2015, we opened our Colorado operations to serve the Metro Denver and Boulder communities as well as provide our home neurofeedback equipment rental services to the mid-west.

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Our Family plan offers exceptional value for money with Sessions costing as little as $20 each. PLAN 1 Individuals 1 Month 15 Sessions Extra Sessions $45 Each Eligible… We rent NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Systems, Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) systems, and Heart-Rate Variability monitors. Renting is economical, easy, and convenient. Our Rentals all include full orientation and training session, complete equipment kits, and ongoing tech support throughout the rental.